Playin' Catch With Dad Book

What’s Playin’ Catch With Dad About?

Hi I’m Ronnie Williams superstar pitcher…ok I’m not a superstar but I am a pitcher and the star of this book. I love baseball, I love pitching, and I love playin’ catch with my dad. And this is a story about me, my dad, my mom and my annoying little brother moving to Texas. I have to start all over making new friends and a new baseball team. The new friends part is easy when I meet Billie and Adrian who just so happen to be the best two players on the team I’m trying out for.

I go through some ups and downs like making the team, dealing with a demanding coach and a bully, and winning and losing. But through it all my dad is there to give me advice while we play catch in the backyard.

And then out of nowhere I get the biggest opportunity of my life. Can I overcome my nerves and remember the lessons from my dad and show everyone what I’ve really got? Gotta read the book to find out!  

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