WITH DAD” is a new positive book series for African-American kids ages 9-12 by author Christopher R. Ford.


The With Dad book series follows the sporting and life adventures of young Ronnie Williams and his dad.

The newest release is “Shootin’ Hoops With Dad” and is the second book in the series.



Ronnie Williams is back! And so is his dad and his two best friends Billie and Adrian. After conquering baseball in Playin’ Catch With Dad, Ronnie is now taking it hard to the hoop!

But it won’t be easy. New challenges and new rivals stand between him and hardwood glory. Can he overcome the many ups and downs of the basketball season plus his own nerves and struggles to help his team win it all? With his friends by his side and his Dad’s constant support and advice, he’s got a shot. He’s just gotta take it!  

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The first book in the series is Playin’ Catch With Dad.

Playin' Catch With Dad Book


Ronnie Williams loves baseball, he loves pitching, and he loves playin’ catch with his dad. The Williams family moves to Texas and Ronnie has to start all over. He has to make new friends and make a new baseball team. 

He goes through ups and downs like making the team, dealing with a demanding coach and a bully, and winning and losing. But through it all his dad is there to give him advice while they play catch in the backyard.

When he finally gets the biggest opportunity of his life can Ronnie overcome his nerves and remember the lessons from his dad and show everyone what he’s really got?

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Ronnie Breaks It All Down!


Hi I’m Ronnie Williams superstar pitcher…ok I’m not a superstar but I am a pitcher and the star of this book. I love baseball, I love pitching, and I love playin’ catch with my dad. And this is a story about me, my dad, my mom and my annoying little brother moving to Texas. I have to start all over making new friends and a new baseball team. The new friends part is easy when I meet Billie and Adrian who just so happen to be the best two players on the team I’m trying out for.

Boy do I go through a lot! Making the team, dealing with a mean coach and an even meaner bully, and the ups and downs of winning and losing. But luckily through it all my dad is there to give me advice while we play catch in the backyard.

And then out of nowhere I get the biggest opportunity of my life! Can I overcome my nerves and remember the lessons from my dad and show everyone what I’ve really got? Gotta read the book to find out! 

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What Makes The With Dad Books Unique?
  • It’s a book that stars black children.
  • It’s a book series written by an African-America author.
  • The book’s messages are positive.
  • It’s a children’s book series about sports (basketball and baseball).
  • The books focus on a black father/son relationship.